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Kitty Cat Birthday Cup Cake

Kitty Cat Birthday Cup Cake

Is your cat's birthday coming up?

Your cat will love this cake. Please give small amounts to avoid upsetting your cats tummy. If more than 1 cat in your household it will be suitable for 2 cats.

Cup cake size suitable for 2 cats.



wholemeal flour


olive oil

1 capsule of fish oil (optional)

eggs (vegan)


baking soda


You will receive 2 cupcakes in a pack


  • All Ordering

    When you order a product from the website it will take 3-5 days before you will receive by post. This will allow enough time for you product to be freshly baked and decoration to dry before packing and posting out to your address. I always use  a next day delivery service unless requesting alternative arrangements.

    Please note: if ordering on a Friday for posting you will not receive until Tuesday. Bank holidays - your parcel will be posted on a tuesday to receive wednesday.

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